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How to Use Campus Moving Services

Summary: Use the steps on this page to use Campus Moving and Relocation Services.

See Campus Moving Services Overview to learn what you need to know before contacting Moving Services.

What to do:
How to do it:
1 Submit a request.
  1. Use a SC-15 Recharge Request for Goods and/or Services. Informal requests may be made via e-mail or telephone: Robert Kemp at (831) 459-2852.
  • Include the desired date and time for the move.
  • Provide location of pieces to be moved, including building name and room number.
  • Provide destination (end) location, including building name and room number.
  • Provide the number and description of pieces to be moved. For example:
    • 2 each pedestal desks
    • 1 each desk with attachment
    • 3 each double-pedestal desks
    • 1 each desk with attachment
    • 1 each four drawer file cabinet
    • 1 each bookcase (attached to wall)
    • any further clarifying detail information
  1. Provide FOAPAL to be charged for moving services.
  2. Obtain signature of person authorizing the move.
2 Prepare items to be moved.

Have everything ready before the time the movers are scheduled to arrive for your move.

What Moving Services does:
How they do it:
1 Move specified items.
  1. Assess what equipment is needed for the job.
  2. Move items using appropriate equipment.

Bill the FOAPAL provided on the Recharge Request Form (SC-15).

  1. The yellow copy of the SC-15 will be sent to the unit.
  2. The pink copy of the SC-15 will be filed in Receiving.
  3. The white copy of the SC-15 will be sent to Accounting.

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