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How to Receive and Tag Inventorial Equipment at Receiving Services

Summary: Receiving Services employees follow the steps on this page to receive and tag inventorial equipment.

What Receiving Services does:
How to do it:
1 Receive package(s) from the delivery person.

Follow the steps in How to Receive Packages from a Carrier.

2 Complete the receiver. Complete the FIS Banner Received Goods Form. See Receiving Items On-Line FPARCVD.
3 Handle any damaged equipment. Contact the carrier.
Contact the department that ordered the goods.
Follow up with claim(s) as appropriate.
What Equipment Administration does:
How to do it:
1 Provide a property number for the equipment. Equipment Administration sends a Property Tag Attachment Form to the Equipment Custodian.
What Receiving Services does:
How to do it:
1 Tag and deliver the goods to the destination department. Affix the tag and inventory sticker to the equipment.
Deliver goods to the unit. Receiving Services provides same day or next day delivery.
2 Provide information to Equipment Administration.

Record the serial number.
Record the date the equipment was received.
Provide recorded info to Equipment Administration:
Equipment Administration
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz CA 95064
Mailstop: Accounting Office
Phone: 831-459-2355
Fax: 831-459-3747

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