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How to Receive and Tag Inventorial Equipment at the Department

Summary: Follow the steps on this page to receive and tag inventorial equipment.

What Department staff do:
How to do it:
1 Receive package(s) from the delivery person.
What Business Office staff do:
How to do it:
1 Complete the receiver. Complete the FIS Banner Received Goods Form. See Receiving Items On-Line FPARCVD.
2 Handle any goods that are damaged or incorrect or that have been ordered in error. Complete the FIS Banner Returned Goods Form. See Returning Goods FPARTRN.
What Equipment Administration does:
How to do it:
1 Provide a property number for the equipment. Equipment Administration sends a Property Tag Attachment Form to the Equipment Custodian.
What Department staff do:
How to do it:
1 Tag the equipment.
  • Affix the tag and inventory sticker to the equipment.
  • Record the serial number of the equipment and the date the equipment was received.
  • Sign, date and return the Property Tag Attachment Form:
    Equipment Administration
    1156 High Street
    Santa Cruz CA 95064
    Mailstop: Accounting Office
    Phone: 831-459-2355
    Fax: 831-459-3747

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