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How to Dispose of Surplus (Excess) Property

Summary: Follow the steps on this page to dispose of property in your department for which you have no further use.

To dispose of surplus inventorial equipment, see How to Dispose of Surplus (Excess) Inventorial Equipment.

What the individual must do:
How to do it:
1 Determine that the property is unwanted by its owner (excess.)
  1. Check with the person who has custody of the item(s).
  2. If the property is excess, go to to Step 2.
2 Determine whether the property is saleable.
  1. Property is typically not saleable in the following cases:
    • needs to be repaired (exceptions possible in consultation with the Surplus Administrator)
    • not functional
  2. If an item not saleable, go to step 3.
  3. For saleable property, go to step 4.
3 Request removal of non-saleable property.
  1. E-mail or phone Kelly Mitchell 459-5589 - to arrange for recycling.
  2. Complete a SC-15 Recharge Request for Goods and/or Services - available from Bay Tree Bookstore.
  3. For large items, contact Moving Services for pickup.
  4. Skip step 4.
4 Request removal of saleable property.
  1. Complete a Surplus Request Form (Editable PDF).
    • Fill in contact name and department, phone, and date.
    • Provide the FOAPAL to ensure proceeds are returned to the appropriate department.
  2. Obtain the signature of the Department Head.
  3. Send completed UCSC Surplus Request to Receiving/Surplus, H-Barn.
What Surplus Operations does:
How to do it:
1 Pick up property.
Contact the requestor and arrange to pick up property.
2 Determine value of property.

The Surplus Administrator will work with the owner of the property to establish a price for saleable item(s), as appropriate.

3 Dispose of property.
  1. For saleable items, the Surplus Administrator will offer selected items for sale through The Surplus Store to campus units for 30 days. If the item(s) do not sell during the first 30 days, they will be offered to the general public.
  2. For non-saleable items, the Surplus Administrator will recycle, if possible. Recharge rates for this service are listed in the Surplus Operations Overview.
4 Provide net proceeds to originating department
charge department for removal services.
  1. Once sold, the Surplus Administrator credits the net proceeds from the sale to the FOAPAL provided on the UCSC Surplus Request.
  2. For non-saleable property, the Surplus Administrator charges the FOAPAL provided on the SC-15 Recharge Request for Goods and/or Services.

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